Welcome to Kamaxi Overseas Consultants

India is a spiritual wonderland of Incredible People with an intrinsic sense of “giving of oneself in service”. Vibrant colors with authentic personality and enriched culture, blossoms during a conversation. Compassion and caring, patience and humility, shine with a smile.

The “Art of Recruitment” is our calling. Listening, Looking, Finding, and grooming people are our passion. People with the craft to enlighten others are treasures. These are the jewels which we seek, find, and polish for our cruise ship partners and they love these gifts.

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Best Cruise Line Jobs

At Kamaxi Overseas Consultants we assist candidates by preparing them for interviews with some of the world's most renowned cruise line companies. If selected, you will have the opportunity to grow your career, travel the world, and earn a good wage!

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Searching for Candidates

We search, find, and polish your future crew members for a successful career with your company. With first-hand experience and understanding your needs, we will urgently provide you with quality and skilled crew members which are comprehensively trained to exceed your guest's expectation, provide exceptional team spirit, and decrease your Crew Acquisition and Movement costs with high retention rates.

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