A Career at Sea!!!

We live in a world where we are given so many choices when it come to our style of dressing, our food habits, our culture’s and our very own lifestyle. We dream of happiness and all its glories that come along with it. But of course it’s only through hard work and dedication that we can achieve our dreams and build our future. A Career at sea is an all inclusive package that makes an individual capable of standing on his own feet, having a good life while allowing him to secure his family’s and loved ones happiness too.

Today many youngsters are enamored with a career at sea not only because it gives you the option of making big bucks but it gives you the pleasure of sailing the world and seeing many exotic destinations for free which otherwise would only be a dream besides being a major expense to their pockets. Students can choose from a wide range of positions available onboard the ship and work in that direction to secure a 100% placement onboard the ship. Many organizations offer study package’s with a guaranteed placement onboard the ship. These institutes teach you sea – going techniques and procedures, making sure that you are well geared up to succeed for a career at sea.

For newly inducted crew who has set foot on foreign shores for the first time, means an entire contract away from family and loved ones. A contract can be anything between 6 to 8 to 10 months and this can be quite challenging at first as the crew members tends to feel very home sick. A suggestion to overcome this difficulty is to immediately find a friend as soon as getting onboard to ensure that companionship is always around to laugh and joke about. Another challenge is finding home familiar items such as soaps, powders, sprays and toothpaste that we are so accustomed to using. Not only will your favorite brand be difficult to find but should you find it, it will come at a price. Most people carry their own from home, enough to last the entire contract. As Indians we always love our curries, and that too poses some concerns while sailing. Although most companies now have Indian Chef’s onboard to make Indian meals, the taste may differ to the actual item we are so used to eating. And if the appetite really begs for an Indian meal, there are local restaurants that serve glorious Indian meals built up by Indian chefs.

A Career at sea is more like being in the army or the navy because while there is a lot to enjoy, you also need to abide by the rules and regulation of the company, and that being said, the most important is the boat drill which happens once every week. This is a drill which actually trains you or rather shows you exactly where you need to be and what you need to do in an actual emergency.

You are provided meals everyday at specific times which are available in the crew mess or the officers mess depending on your position. You gracefully learn to accept and appreciate the meals provided, or the Chef may ask you to bring your mother along next time.

You are expected to shower at least once a day and you will be provided a towel from the linen department. The soap will be your favorite at your expense.

A cabin inspection happens every week whereby your cabin should be clean and ready for inspection on that particular day. No food stuff is to be in the cabin and definitely no un-authorized electrical equipment. Failure to pass cabin inspection may result in disciplinary action.

You will get accustomed to the term “crew onboard”. This is the times that leave for crew expires, which means that this is the time they need to be back onboard the ship in order for it to sail. If you do not show up prior to the ship sailing, please ensure that you have a good camera handy with you to take pictures of the ship leaving the port.

Enjoy your Sundays and public holidays because once you get onboard you will be working in a straight contract depending on its length. Nobody ever hears of Sunday or Public holidays onboard the ship.

Of course nobody said it was going to be easy, but if you were willing to sacrifice the love of your family as well as the other privileges that you were so accustomed to at home, for the sake of making these mega bucks it is your responsibility to abide by the law of the company as delivered by the master of the ship.

Another fact about Cruise ship careers is the huge demand for Culinarians on board. The latest trend in the cruise industry has been recruitment of culinary positions in India.

We at Kamaxi have started an Institute in Goa – India, to fulfill the Culinarian requirements of the cruise industry.

American Culinary & Cruise line Academy (ACCLA) is a unique Academy in Goa – India, specialized in professional culinary education and distinguished for quality training in the field of cruise line culinary.

Kamaxi Overseas Consultants. is a leading Cruise Ship recruitment agency & hospitality recruitment agency from India

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