When it’s your first day at your first job, the best thing to do is avoid being nervous. A calm mind thinks better and faster, not to mention is much more witty and charming. But if you aren’t witty and charming by nature, don’t worry…some of the most likable people are liked simply because they’re good human beings.

Here are a few tips that you can use at your first job:

  • Don’t be judgmental
    Avoid being judgmental and over-thinking every little thing. Judging people when you’re a new employee isn’t fair to them or you. You will dislike people for traits they probably don’t even have and you won’t have as many friends as you’d expect. Over thinking every aspect of the job will make you think about problems that don’t even exist.
  • Be calm
    The best career advice you can get at any point in your career is to simply stay calm. You tend to be much more rational and productive when you’re calm. No matter how bad something gets or how bad you mess up, you can always find solutions for difficult problems or correct any inadvertent mistake.
  • Learn your tasks well
    Get a clear perspective of what is expected from you and your work. This will help you make lesser mistakes and fish out the unnecessary tasks that do nothing but consume your time. You will also be able to concentrate better at what you’re supposed to do.
  • Get to know your colleagues
    One of the easiest to follow is to get to know the people you work with. Understand one another. It reduces animosity if any and builds friendship. Be polite to your boss and the people working at your level. Being nice to each other shouldn’t be considered a way to get promoted or popular but simply to brighten someone’s day.
  • Perfect you work
    When you’re new and have just grasped what you really have to do at work, understand that it’s just a firm base. Being ambitious about getting better increases your credibility as a good employee. When you’re busy perfecting your work, you won’t have the time for unnecessary demoralizing tasks, thus increases your credibility as a good human being too.


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