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Kamaxi Overseas Consultants

There may be hundreds of thousands of cruise ship jobs and placements in the hospitality industry available, but landing the one most suited to your skills is time consuming and painstaking. With a good overseas recruitment agency, you can ensure the best fit for your skills and experience with the opportunity for excellent career progression.


We are global: As an overseas recruitment agency, we find it sensible to have fingers in many pies. By this, we mean, business affiliations with leading cruise lines and hospitality companies around the world in order to give both employers and employees the best of the pick. We only partner with clients who reflect our own values and standards. They are based around the world, but particularly in the US and the Middle East.

We focus on you: Kamaxi Overseas Consultants keeps abreast of current trends and projected leanings in the job market. Hospitality jobs in the Middle East and cruise ship jobs are the biggest hubs for exchange of vacancies and placements. We are dedicated to the perfect start to your career, with pro-active service and an in-depth understanding of requirements.

We train you: With years of experience, we have discovered the key requirements of employers. Through the American Culinary & Cruise Line Academy, you will receive professional culinary education and quality training specialised for cruise lines, thereby increasing your chances of being among the first choices for major cruise ship companies globally.

We help you: Major cruise ship companies and hospitality firms around the world receive hundreds of job applications every day. We are here to ensure that you do not waste time waiting for the right company to find you among the pile of papers on its desk. With all of these jobs being based overseas, we take away the stress of moving abroad through quick processing of applications and assistance with visas.

At Kamaxi Overseas Consultants, we know that good service, dependability and professionalism in dealing with both recruiters and applicants is the only way to becoming India’s largest and most renowned overseas hospitality recruitment and training company.

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