Money matters: Insurance for Cruise Ship Crew

Money matters: Insurance for Cruise Ship Crew

Cruise ship jobs offer excellent opportunity to earn high salaries in a short period of time. It’s a lucrative option for youngsters fresh out of college and positions are often lapped up quite quickly.

While salaries are high, one must be aware that no matter what type of work one does on board, there is always the chance that an accident or sickness could occur out of the blue that digs into any savings. When applying to a company for cruise ship jobs, it is imperative to understand the firm’s policy on insurance and safety measures in unforeseen situations.

It is unwise to leave aspects such as travel and health insurance to chance as medical costs in developed countries, particularly Europe and the US, are extremely high. Without cover, a simple procedure such as being put on a drip or a trip to the dentist could burn a hole in your pocket.

Many cruise ship companies provide health insurance to crew, but one must always cross-check if this is so. However, even in cases where cruise companies do cover crew, the insurance can be claimed only during the term of the contract, while staff is on board.

If you happen to fall ill while travelling to the ship or back home, you might not be covered. It’s always a good idea to buy travel insurance that not only covers emergency medical expenses, but also lost or stolen bags and personal liability against suing for property damage or injury. Some insurance policies will even fly you home for treatment if needed. However, injuries sustained during adventure sports, which are available in many tourist ports, are not covered by travel insurance, and a separate cover will have to be obtained if you enjoy that sort of thrill during your off hours on shore.

Note that cruise ship medical insurance may not cover dental work, so understanding what exactly can be claimed from the company in precise circumstances is important too.

Many cruise ship crew from developing countries are sole earning members of their families, sustaining lives that depend on them. For those with dependents – either old parents, young families, or even dependent siblings – taking a life insurance cover is smart. As a youngster, premiums are low and returns are high, but understand that this will benefit your dependents only in case of your death. An additional policy that covers permanent disability may not be needed if such accidents occur during the duration of the contract.

For the typical cruise insurance, companies ask staff to undergo a medical examination at a clinic or hospital they recognise. Some of these check for pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart conditions and others which are not covered under the insurance policy.

In most cases, insurance policies go unused and one must be thankful for that. But it is always a good idea to safeguard your health and your families’ best interests by paying small premiums for a stress-free life. Remember to always read the insurance policies carefully and compare two or more before narrowing down to the ones that suit your situation best.



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