The Alberta Oil Sands Means Jobs!!

The Alberta Oil Sands and particularly jobs in the Alberta oil sands, is a topic of interest both abroad and in Canada. Statistics show that Canada has 179 billion barrels of oil reserves and 170 billion barrels are located in Alberta. However, the Alberta Oil Sands is not for everyone!

The oil sands workforce is made up of thousands of international workers. Estimates say that 44 percent of oil sands employees are from outside the province. Most of the workers needed during the construction phase of a project include skilled trades people and laborers. As the oil sands become more accessible, oil sands jobs will increase. Oil Sands employers in Alberta, continually post job openings ranging from specialized engineering and technical jobs, to laborer positions.

Job seekers need to do their research, apply with the right companies, and ask the right questions when speaking to employers.

Some of the jobs currently available in the Oil Sands are: crane operators and technicians, electricians, electrical rewind mechanics, heavy equipment operators, heavy equipment mechanics, HVAC technicians, ironworkers, insulators, machinists, pipefitters, plumbers, sandblasters, sheet metal workers. Most companies expect tradespeople in regulated occupations to be eligible to write the Interprovincial Red Seal licensing exam.

With dozens of oil sands companies operating in the region, there are hundreds of oil sands service and maintenance companies, and construction companies, thus creating many major employment opportunities.

Oil companies have invested enormous amounts of money and resources into oil sands production and the profit looks to be tremendous. Years ago, the idea of extracting oil from oil sands left investors and analysts skeptical. Of course, that has changed, and the oil is now being produced in large quantities.

One big obstacle the oil sands companies face is the shortage of skilled workers!

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