Why Working On a Cruise Ship Could be your Dream Job

Why Working On a Cruise Ship Could be your Dream JobSo much of our lives is spent working. There is no better way to live than being engaged in a job you love. For this reason, there are many who look to working on cruise ships as dream jobs thanks to the variety of opportunities available and the work environment. Here are just a few reasons why working on a cruise ship could be your dream job:

A booming industry

Everyone likes to get on the bandwagon of a booming industry. It means more open positions, possibly higher salaries and a variety of experiences. More people are travelling than ever before, and cruise ships are getting larger and more exciting. This is fuelled by the increasing demand for cruise holidays and, with it, brings coveted jobs to your doorstep.

The demand is currently so high that cruise ship companies headquartered in and operating from the US have opened offices in south east Asia to meet their needs. In India, the key is to go with a reputed recruitment company, like Kamaxi Overseas, to ensure you get placed with good companies.

Training on the job

No matter your educational qualifications, all cruise companies offer you hands-on training to bring you up to speed with the regulations of the ship and the way things work on board. You’ll receive training in safety at sea, first aid and what to do in case of emergencies. All of these sessions give you life skills that you can apply to any situation in the future. And the training is part of your job, so you get paid for it!

Promotions and benefits

While contracts may be long and work may be hard, sticking with a cruise ship company has its advantages. A majority of cruise ship crew start at the bottom, and with diligence and consistency, they can rise through the ranks. Cruise ship members often tend to stick with companies for added benefits they get due to loyalty. Some crew have worked with companies for a decade or more. With good companies, it’s possible to get flexibility with contracts, a preference for certain ships within the fleet and more career opportunities.

Travel while you work

Without exotic locations and exciting port activities, a cruise ship would be a failure. As part of the crew, you are guaranteed a certain amount of time off. Many crew members take advantage of this and are able to explore destinations they would otherwise only have dreamed of visiting. Good cruise ship companies also organise separate port excursions for crew members which are often cheaper than those for guests. Those with cruise ship chef jobs can widen their food experiences by experimenting with different local tastes and learning things along the way.

Conditions keep getting better

While the past may have seen much negative criticism by way of cruise ships taking advantage of crew, times are changing. Companies have realised that happy crew are a key to making a difference in their guests’ experience. One cannot expect five-star conditions for employees, but cruise ships have a variety of facilities – from entertainment and sports to training and low-cost communications or stores – just for crew. The only thing they expect in return is hard work and adherence to ship policy.

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