About Us

Our Services

Kamaxi Overseas Consultants, is a reputed, professional and ethically operated cruise recruitment agency with technical specific cruise training within Goa, India.

Our Beliefs, Vision, and Mission

Our success depends on our positive and effective corporate culture. In order to ensure the continuous positive growth of our culture, we instill Pillars of Success in all aspects of our business operations. Each business touch point has the Pillars of Success implemented, so that we can achieve our Kamaxi Vision and Mission.

Pillars of Success

  • Respect: We are gracious and respectful in all interactions involving our clients, crew, students, employees and community.
  • Ethics: We believe”our word is our bond”, and we conduct business in the most honest and transparent way, at all times, with our cruise clients, crew, students, employees, and community.
  • Service: Pro-active, responsive, accurate, and knowledgeable communication with everyone at all times. We are professional in our written and verbal communications, and always seek solutions to challenges when they occur. We aim to impress our customers with our service.
  • Knowledge: Kamaxi aims to hire administrative employees with previous shipboard experience, and/or train them on all aspects of the cruise recruitment business. Continuous improvement through on-going training is key to the success and growth of the individual, team, and overall business.
  • Support: Business dealings in the countries we operate are usually complex. We continuously grow and maintain our government, local hotels, and recruitment agency contacts. Through these contacts we are able to receive the support needed to provide the necessary services to our clients and crew on a consistent basis.
  • Growth: We realize in order to grow and be the best Hiring Partner Agency in the industry, we must reinvest in our business, to continuously improve our scope and services. Reinvestment may take many forms from technology to training to office equipment.

Kamaxi Vision:

"To be the India’s largest and most renowned overseas hospitality recruitment and training company."

Kamaxi Mission:

To be known as the most respected, ethical, professional, and dependable Hiring Partner Agency in each geographically area we operated in, with the highest level of training customized for our cruise ship client's needs.

Our Team

We mainly hire employees which have previous International Cruise Ship experience. As expert recruiters in the cruise industry, we feel it is very important for our teams to understand the needs of our clients, as well as the urgency and importance of providing high-quality, well-trained, and dependable crew members.

The Team is trained at providing the highest degree of customer service to our clients, crew, students, and community. With their past cruise ship experience, along with their comprehensive training in all aspects of recruitment, scheduling, visa processing, administration, training and service, we provide superior service to our deserving clients, crew, students, and community.

Our Clients

Our Clients demand only the best. Their standards are of the highest in the hospitality industry. We partner only with clients which are aligned with our ethics, beliefs, and high standards.