What To Expect When Getting Hired Through A Cruise Recruitment Agency


Getting hired for your first cruise ship job can be daunting, considering thousands from all over the world are applying for the same or similar position. Many cruise ship companies prefer to hand over the responsibility of short-listing candidates to well-known recruitment agencies such as Kamaxi Overseas Consultancy.

This works well for the cruise ship company as well as candidates since selected individuals will receive assistance all the way until they land on the vessel. So here’s what the process looks like:



Once you send in your resume, professionals at recruitment agencies will go through them and check to see if you meet the minimum requirements. If needed, they may contact references or institutes you studied at, so it is vital that you are truthful in your CV.



You will either be called on the phone or into the office to let you know whether you have met the requirements and been short-listed or not. If you haven’t, the recruiting officer will offer you information on what you will need to do to qualify in the near future. In the rare cases that they do not, do not shy away from asking. It will put you in a better position the next time.



At this meeting, the recruiter will ask you questions regarding your job profile – information you will have learnt at your certificate or graduate course and will be expected to know. It helps to have your base shaped at a good culinary institute or skills centre to help you ace this part of the cruise recruitment process.



Once they know you will be capable at your job, recruiters will call in the short-listed candidates. They will want to confirm your commitment to the job and perhaps offer you a chance to clear any queries you have regarding your role. The cruise recruitment agency will take a few days to consider the data they have collected about you and other candidates before letting you know their final decision.



In a typical job scenario, this is where the interview process ends and you turn up for work. With cruise recruitments, this is only half-way through. As a selected candidate, you will be required to bring in a list of items and documents so that the recruitment agency can process your papers and help you reach the vessel on time. Remember to carefully go through the list, check in with the recruiter if you have a doubt about any item or document, and keep copies with you if needed before handing them over. Some of the necessary items needed to join a cruise ship include a valid passport, STCW certificate, medical papers, visas, seaman’s service book, police clearances and vaccinations. If you haven’t got some of these, the cruise recruitment agency will help you through it. 



Processing can take some time, but good cruise recruitment agencies like Kamaxi Overseas Consultancy ensures you are ready as soon as possible. Scheduling teams from cruise ship companies contact recruitment agencies when they need to fill positions, and with your processing complete, crew administrators can immediately swing into action. They will contact you to make final arrangements.



Before you leave, the cruise recruitment agency will give all selected candidates an insight into what to expect during travel and in their new positions. Depending on the cruise ship company, recruiters will often book and send you flight tickets to your new job.

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