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Being paid to travel the world seems like an exciting job, and for many it is the calling of a lifetime. Hundreds of young folk from India and other countries around south east Asia revel in the luxury afforded by excellent conversion rates of their salaries paid in dollars. There are many different types of cruise ship jobs, but some appear just that much more enticing than others.

Health & Fitness:

Most applicants do not see this sector as a potential job creator, but with all things health-related increasingly turning into a trend, positions in this space can get lucrative. Most cruise ships these days have fitness instructors on board, so having a certification in streams ranging from yoga and pilates to functional training and zumba can help. You’ll be dealing with age groups and fitness levels across the board, which keeps it interesting. Plus, it’s port calls generally see reduced footfalls, so it’s more likely you’ll have the day off.


All cruise ships focus on entertainment to keep their guests busy and engaged during days at sea. Some of the most lucrative jobs are in this arena, with cruise entertainment positions requiring barely any prior experience, but offering a rise in position to cruise entertainment director which pays one of the best salaries on board. Entertainers, such as dancers, comedians, musicians and singers, magicians and gymnasts, are most often free during port calls as passengers prefer going ashore.


Guests enjoy spending their money on board a cruise line and this sector is one of the easiest ways to meet new people in a buzzing atmosphere. Depending on experience, you can put away a decent amount of money, with casino managers pulling in as much as USD 3500 (INR 227,000) a month. Barely any experience is required as a dealer, and with some past in one of Goa’s off-shore casinos, landing a job in this sector should not be too difficult.

Food & Beverage:

Cruise ship chef jobs are admittedly demanding, but also rewarding. Working in the kitchens on board offers excellent post-cruise career opportunities thanks to the exacting standards required with big companies. Even service in food & beverage is monetarily rewarding. Starting from the bottom, it is possible to make your way up to head waiter or waitress in the dining room, where tips and gratuities at the end of every cruise can sometimes notch up salaries to as much as USD 5000 (INR 325,000) per month on a good ship.

A great variety of positions are available on board. Finding one you enjoy and fit in will help with job satisfaction and also keep your career trajectory on a smooth path.

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