Why Clean Cabins are Important

As cruise ship crew, you will call your cabin ‘home’ for anywhere between six to eight months, depending on your contract. Based on your position, you will share your cabin – with one person, if you’re lucky, or up to three others. Single cabins are only available to superior officers. And just like your home, […]

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Why Indians are on demand on Cruise Ships

The shipping industry looks promising for Indians overall. Employment of Indian nationals in the Merchant Navy grew 35 per cent globally last year, increasing from 22,103 in 2017 to 27,364 in 2018. But this isn’t simply because the worldwide shipping industry has grown. It is also because Indians – and other South East Asians such […]

Cruise Ship Jobs: Laws On The High Seas

It can be very exciting to get on with your cruise ship jobs – you’re in a luxury hotel far away from land and everything seems rosy. But what happens when things go out of hand. If someone commits a crime? There isn’t a police station for miles, and you’d have to swim for it! […]

Embarkation and Disembarkation – The Busiest Days On Cruise Ships

Cruise ship jobs are known to be some of the most demanding out there. But things get even busier during embarkation and disembarkation. These are the days when passengers – often averaging around 3000 on ocean liners – come on board and depart respectively. Embarkation is the process by which passengers are boarded and given […]

Dangers Of Jumping Cruise Ship

Many Indians have long harboured desires of living in more developed countries, particularly in the West – Europe and North America. One of the perks of cruise ship jobs is being able to visit many of these countries, and the temptation to Jumping the cruise and staying on is very real and frankly quite dangerous. […]

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