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Kamaxi Skills

In the culinary arena, it’s not enough to know how to cook. While that is a fundamental requirement, industry-ready professionals must have the soft skills required for any culinary job on the global platform. Our programmes - constructed by Kamaxi in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and India International Skill Centers (IISC) - incorporate a comprehensive blend of high-quality culinary training in world-class facilities as well as non-technical skills that are indispensable in the workplace. These include working with management and colleagues, accepting both positive and negative feedback, conflict resolution, stress and time management, thinking on your feet under pressure, being meticulous, and being effective in communication.

Kamaxi Skills is closely affiliated with the Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council (THSC), a robust eco-system for skill development to fulfill industry requirements in all sub-sectors including hotels, catering companies, food service and quick service restaurants, facilities management and cruise lines.


Each of our courses is wired into the industry to ensure any skill gaps can be filled in real-time, offering more students a better chance at landing jobs in the tourism, cruise, hospitality and culinary industries. Since 2015, Kamaxi has built an ever-strengthening network of associates and partners across the world that allows students to expedite their progress in their dream careers. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, focus on updated skill building and connections within related sectors create the ideal seedbed for students aspiring towards global opportunities.

Kamaxi Overseas Consultants Team

International Culinary Programme - Commis Chef

  • 6-month on-campus course 

  • 12-month monitored internship at a reputed star hotel in India 

  • International culinary training

  • Fundamental soft skills training

  • Certification from Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council (THSC)

  • International placements on successful completion of programme and internship


We understand the reassurance that a job at the end of a course can mean to a student. Specifically, our objective is to give each student from all walks of life a foot in the door to the career of their dreams. Through our tight-knit global network and partnerships with leading names in the travel, tourism, hospitality, food service and cruise industries, Kamaxi Skills is able to place students who successfully complete our courses in reputed five-star hotels, cruise companies and quick-service restaurants around the world.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between industry requirements and employee skills from the grassroots up by offering students world-class training across India. We do this through Kamaxi Skills Centres, cutting-edge facilities in various towns and cities operated by vetted franchisees to ensure consistency in training methodology and quality.

We are looking for more partners in this space across India. If you would like to bridge the skill gap in the hospitality and tourism industries and help students in your town, regardless of their socio-economic background be industry-ready, find employment or become self-employed to live a life of prosperity and dignity, we invite you to become a franchisee.

Become a certified Kamaxi Skill Centre

With just one click you could enter India’s fastest-growing sectors that not only brings you business but also empowers youngsters with important career skills. As a Kamaxi Skills Centre franchisee, you can draw on the immense experience, expertise and foresight the company has gained over the years in training and recruitment in hospitality, travel, cruise tourism and leisure.

As the industry expands, so does the demand all across the world for well-trained and qualified chefs from India. Your franchisee will help prepare hundreds of young chefs for successful careers while tapping into the gap left by the extremely limited number of quality culinary training schools in India. 

Get in touch with us for a ready-made business plan that will change lives.